Blueberry Kefir DIY Frozen Yogurt Bars

Blueberry kefir frozen yogurt treast

Beat the heat this summer with these DIY frozen yogurt bars! The good people at Wyman’s of Maine invited me to try their frozen blueberries for free. I am so glad I took them up on that offer! Fresh blueberries seem to go bad so fast. I don’t like them when they start to get […]

30 best parenting books for adopted, foster and traumatized children

23 Best Parenting Books for Adoptive and Foster Parents

You’re looking for the best parenting books, right? We all want to be the best -especially at something as important as parenting! Children who come from hard places – orphanages, foster care, adoption situations, trauma of all sorts – require a special type of parenting. Trauma causes damage to the brain which impacts the way kids […]

When Facebook Memories are HARD

When Facebook memories are hard

I check out the Facebook Memories feature every day that it pops up on my phone.  (Sometimes I seem to miss it….or maybe I didn’t have memories that day, which seems unlikely since I’m a blabbermouth.) There have been some tough reminders lately. BFF Everywhere BFF is in my Facebook memories nearly every day.  I practically […]

Mother’s Day/Princess Day Recap

heart hands

  I had a bit of a Mother’s Day pity party Saturday. Even if you understand all the reasons, it can still be tough when your reality doesn’t match the Hallmark version of a holiday. I woke up Sunday determined to have a good day, knowing it meant shifting my perspective. Princess slept in, while […]

When your kid hates Mother’s Day

When your child hates Mother's Day

My kid hates Mother’s Day. If you are raising a child who has experienced foster care, adoption, orphanages, death, divorce, etc. they’re very likely also struggling today. Princess used her words yesterday (instead of exploding or imploding as in past years) to let me know she hates Mother’s Day, it makes her feel bad, she […]

Guest Post: Six Helpful Suggestions for Choosing a Food Dehydrator

Food dehydrator tips

This is a paid guest post. Six Helpful Suggestions for Choosing a Food Dehydrator Food dehydrators offer quick ways to dehydrate fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices and other foods that are suitable for long-term storage. They also offer a convenient way to create beef jerky, fruit leathers, dried soups and other portable foods that are fun […]

Marriage Fitness: Adjusting After Becoming Parents

Parenthood is tough on a marraige.

Marriage fitness is a very real thing.  Just like our bodies, sometimes our marriages get out of whack and need attention. The toll of parenthood on a marriage Parenthood is tough on a marriage.  We learned that quickly. Hubster and I were married ten years before Princess came along. That was a long time of […]