Check out my anxious child showing flexibility!

anxious child

  Flexibility is often a challenge for my anxious child.  Knowing exactly what to expect and when it’s going to happen brings calm and reassurance.  Princess has had highly anxious periods in which leaving 2 minutes after the stated time would send her into a full on panic attack meltdown. But she’s flexing those flexibility muscles like […]

Hurricane Preparedness as Tropical Storm Erika Churns


I’m a Florida Native – this means I’m not a stranger to hurricanes.  My mom says I slept through Hurricane David as a baby in 1979.  Hurricane preparedness was drilled into us in school starting in kindergarten.  Hubster and I were without electricity for nearly a month when Frances and Jean hit back-to-back in 2004. Being […]

Introducing THE MOODSTERS, toys that teach emotional intelligence (+ giveaway)


I’m super excited to announce I was named a brand ambassador for The Moodsters,  a new toy line coming to Target! These toys are all about teaching children about emotions – what they are, how to recognize them and how to regulate them.  I cheered when I first learned about The Moodsters and I’m thrilled […]

Doctor Who meets Back to the Future

doctor who

Someone commented yesterday that Princess should try more form fitted shirts. She likes wearing very big shirts. Men’s XL graphic t-shirts, mostly. She has come to consider Hubster’s shirts an extension of her own wardrobe. I’ve told her she actually looks thinner in clothes that fit her better, but I’m mom, so it doesn’t count. […]

Traumatized kids and “Lord of the Flies”

lord of the flies

Princess was assigned “Lord of the Flies” to read over the summer.   She’ll be tested on it this week (the first week of school). I told Princess I’d read it with her.  Our initial reaction when we started reading it was, “That kid Ralph is such a jerk!” In case you haven’t read the book (I hadn’t), […]