Family memories with teens

DIY pizza

My sweet baby girl will be 15 this weekend.  15! I’m working on accepting she is a well adjusted teenager in high school now  and not the traumatized little girl who was so afraid I would be another person to leave her she couldn’t risk taking her eyes off me, even in public restrooms. I […]

Back to the Future and time management skills

Out of time

Yeah, I know Back to the Future day has passed. But I was looking through photos on my phone and found one that sums up how I’ve been feeling for months. Out of time. I’d love to hear your time management skills tips. I’m just exhausted and feel like I’m getting nothing done all the […]

Teen room paint color: Embrace the change.

teen room paint

Teens spend a lot of time in their room.  I know I certainly did.  A teen room should be a comfortable, safe, relaxing place for them. So when Princess asked if she could paint her room as part of her birthday present, I said “of course!”   (And then Hubster less enthusiastically agreed to do […]

Sounds of life: What do you hear?

orange cat

On July 16, 2012 I wrote: The sounds of my life right now include: a coughing child purring kitten a worker testing our new alarm system and the whir of a ceiling fan on high. It’s a loud and full life! Three and a half years later and the sounds are still pretty similar. Coughing […]

Health scares of 2015


2015 was the year of health scares for our family.  I didn’t write about it a whole lot in specific because 1. I didn’t have the energy, 2.  Some things just don’t need to hit the Internet, at least not right away.  I needed time to see how things played out to process them. Here’s a […]

When a former foster child gets sick

Cat snuggle

The great Florida germ invasion is on.  Just about everyone I know is sick.  I’m teaching a college class and most of my students have been sick.  People Hubster works with are sick.  My close pals are sick. BFF and The Boyfriend have been sick. I woke up with a sore throat and headache Thursday […]