New York City with teens: NYC Boat Tours

Princess and I didn’t get to see the Statue of Liberty when we were in New York City two years ago.  We just ran out of time.  We’re going back in July (and bringing BFF) and it’s definitely on our bucket list.  I’ve been looking into NYC boat tours and found Classic Harbor Line. “Dedicated […]

Carnival Cruise Cozumel Excursion: Skip Passion Beach

cozumel excursion

We recently did a Carnival Victory cruise.  We hit Key West and Cozumel.  If you’re looking for a Cozumel excursion, I suggest skipping Passion Beach.  There are other beach excursions.  There’s also the option to get a day pass to a local beach resort on your own.  (We did that in Nassau, Bahamas last year […]

Early Expressions and Impressions: Sports Team Baby Gifts

This is a guest post directed at those looking for sports team baby gifts. Parents often like to brag that their child is a “chip off the ol’ block.” One way to encourage that idea is to purchase clothing, toys and accessories that feature the name and logo of your favorite sport and your favorite team. […]

Adoption story: The day I met my daughter

texas pool

I’ve pretty much shared our entire adoption story over the years, but I’m reflecting heavily on the beginning this week because it’s our five year anniversary as a family of three. We met Princess for the first time on May 17, 2010 and flew home with her forever just a few days later. Flying across […]

Left my energy on the Carnival Victory

southernmost point

Princess and I headed out on the seas again last Thursday on the Carnival Victory.  We cruised with my mom and sister this time.  Traveling with someone other than BFF is unusual for us – we don’t even travel with Hubster often – but it was smoothing sailing (pun intended). Grandma and Auntie were in an […]

I’m telling Dad


Princess was sad the other day.  She gets bummed out that BFF is skinnier than her.  It’s a big trigger to her self esteem.  I wanted to snuggle and comfort her.  I wanted to talk it through and make her feel better. She wanted to be alone. I kept smothering. She got up to leave […]

Teen girl in a photo

teen girl

Princess and I just returned from a cruise with my mom and sister. I looked over at her nightstand and saw her most treasured items carefully arranged. I had to snap a picture because it was the prefect representation of my teen girl at this moment in her life. Red high heels People are always amazed […]