New kid’s show “Wishenpoof” coming to Amazon Prime (GIVEAWAY!!!)


I got an early viewing of Amazon’s new children’s show “Wishenpoof” at BlogHer and it was adorable!  It was created by Angela C. Santomero of “Blue’s Clues” fame. The show is geared at inspiring preschoolers to fall in love with learning and using their imaginations.  It follows Bianca, a little girl who loves to sing and who […]

How to Make a Shark Week or Sharknado Cake

sharknado cake

Our family loves the “Sharknado” franchise.  We have watched all of them together as a family.  It’s a big event.  We decorated for the “Sharknado 3″ viewing with printables found on Etsy. And our little baker whipped up a “Sharknado” cake. It would also be a great Shark Week cake…or even a “Jaws” cake. So […]

#BlogHer15: My Favorite BlogHer 15 Moments

dunkin donuts

Another year, another BlogHer. I just attended my fourth consecutive year of the conference. Every year I come home totally exhausted, yet rejuvenated. I’d been feeling a bit “blah” about writing and I’m sure it’s shown. But I’m inspired to fire up my voice again and project it out all over the Internet. You know….after I sleep […]

Honest friends and ugly shoes

sketchers mary janes

I asked my Facebook friends, “Are these shoes ugly?” and learned I have very honest friends! The so-called ugly shoes are Sketchers.  I bought them at Kohl’s.  I wanted something super comfy for BlogHer and New York City, but like having my toes exposed. (I’ve gotten a fresh pedicure since I took this photo!) I […]