Legoland Florida with Teens

I recently took Princess and BFF to Legoland, Florida.  They offer an amazing homeschool discount ($8 or $10 per ticket depending on the day).  They are 13 and I was a little worried it would be too young for them – especially when we saw all of the tiny children waiting in line.  They aren’t […]

Fresh paint and empty space

We painted Princess’s room the week after she came home from the hospital.  She’d written dark thoughts on her walls.  Hubster had painted over them before she came home with the existing paint color, but she asked for a new color. Fresh paint.  Fresh start. Though the words weren’t visible any longer, I think she […]

Popped some tags

I hit some garage sales and thrift shops this weekend. Alone. The weather was beautiful – high 70s. Hubster was away for the day and Princess was home chilling after literally not sleeping the night before. I checked in with her by text.  At one point, I sent her a photo of my haul and […]

Horse therapy..our happy place

Princess started doing horseback riding lessons again this month.  She actually does therapeutic horseback riding.  Horse therapy isn’t just good for her.  The fresh air, sunshine, barn and fields are good for me, too!  We look forward to Thursday mornings.  The facility is a happy place.  I camp out in a swing and take it […]

My reasons for blogging

Several of you hit the nail on the head when it comes to my reasons for blogging in the comments last week.  I very briefly wondered if it was time to quit blogging.  It’s not healthy for my family if I’m crying over comments that amplify my insecurities multiple times a day.  I have a […]

Pumpkin painting…and smashing

Pumpkin painting is superior to pumpkin carving. This is my PSA for today. I pick up BFF at school at 2:45 on Tuesdays and Thursdays and she comes to our house until her mom gets her on her way home from work at 6. This is working out really nicely, though I admit the one […]

Apples!!!! 15 yummy apple recipes

Check out 15 Apple Recipes For Fall by Last Mom at Princess isn’t a big apple eater.  I keep some in a bowl on the counter pretty much all the time, but it’s rare she’ll grab one for a snack.  She might eat a slice or two if I cut one up, but overall […]

Halloween Recipe: Witch Fingers

I’m republishing some Halloween printables and recipes this week.  This was originally published 10/28/13. Here’s another Halloween recipe.  This is for “witch fingers.” They are simply canned crescent rolls, rolled (by hand) into a log to make “fingers.” We then brushed them with olive oil and sprinkled them with Italian seasoning. The finger nails are […]

More free Halloween printables! Keep calm and haunt on!

I’m republishing some Halloween printables and recipes this week.  This was originally published 10/29/13. I have some more cute, free Halloween printables for you! These are with the currently very popular “keep calm” motto. Print them out to put on doors, cabinets, goodie bags or anywhere else you need to spread some spooktacular festivity.  Shrink […]

Benefits of Archery for My Anxious Child

I told Princess I wanted her to pick an activity to replace swimming.  She was struggling with the start of the school year crisis and then having a rough time adjusting to homeschooling, so I didn’t bring it up. Then a couple of weeks ago she expressed an interest in archery and asked if it […]