“The Maze Runner” and adoption and trauma

I took Princess and BFF to see “The Maze Runner” last night.  They were actually invited to see it with some girls they know from swim team tonight, but Princess wanted to see it with me first. She went alone with this same group of girls to see the latest “Planet of the Apes” film […]

Staycation at the beach

Princess was only in the hospital for three days.  I missed her horribly, spent the whole time fearing I made a mistake in calling for help and she was desperate to come home, but it still doesn’t seem  like long enough to get her stabilized.  (And it wasn’t.  Mom and Dad have been working HARD […]

Things I heard about myself and my daughter this week

Putting yourself out there is a dangerous thing.  I’ve been doing it for almost four years on this blog.  I’ve also been very open on my trauma mom Facebook groups.  Actually, I’m just an open person in general.  I have trouble with boundaries and filtering my private information.  That makes me very vulnerable for judgement […]

My Kid Cried Because She Was Discharged from the Hospital

Princess was admitted to a hospital for emotional and behavioral health Monday after writing some dark things on her wall. I’m still second guessing if calling for help was the right move.  It’s been a rough week.  A couple of rough weeks, actually. We had a really bad visit Wednesday night, in which she shredded […]

Why Are Mobile Medical Units Needed? #ad

This is a sponsored post written by the client. The mobile medical units are driving around trying to help people get healthy. There are many communities where health care is not widely available. If the community doctor has since retired or passed away, the community could be without medical assistance. If the community is growing […]

Haters Gonna Hate, Hate, Hate….Shake It Off.

Sometimes you need a stupid pop song to run through your head to interrupt your thoughts.   “Haters Gonna Hate, Hate, Hate….Shake It Off.” Yesterday was hard.  Really, really hard.  There were times all I could do was crawl in bed and cry. I reached out to people I thought I could count on through […]

Child in Crisis: Another Hospitalization

I realized minutes after yesterday’s post about our homeschool decision I still very much had a child in crisis.  Princess started in verbally beating herself up again for being “fat.”  ”I’m fat,” “I’m ugly,” and “I’m a loser” have been her mantra for the last month.  She started it when back to school time arrived. […]

Back-to-School Take 3: Home School It Is

We decided home school is the only way.  Princess was increasingly dysregulated from the moment I picked her up at school Wednesday afternoon.  It was rough. Hubster and I both feared we were going to have to call for help to get her back to the hospital, something neither of us wanted to do, obviously. […]

Self hate, school struggles, low confidence, oh my…

Here’s something going on with Princess…lots of self hate: Heartbreaking, right? This was taken a couple of weeks ago.  She erased that one and now it is completely covered in declarations of self hatred. “I’m fat and ugly and I always will be.” “I’m a loser.” “I don’t deserve anything.” “I hate myself so much.” […]

Favorite things

Here are a few of my current favorite things.  I need to throw out some fluff. School stress is still crazy high.  Princess was supposed to start the new school Tuesday, but was up all night panicking.  She went yesterday and I had a horrible day.  There were lots of triggers and she spent the […]