When daddy daughter bonding is hard

I love watching daddy daughter bonding.  Things were rough with my father.  I now realize he must have had untreated mental health issues going on, but he was toxic growing up. Seeing Princess and Hubster enjoying each other makes my heart happy.  They’ve had some challenges, though.   They really trigger each other sometimes.  They […]

PTSD Triggers, the Bee Edition

Princess has severe PTSD. She was abused, neglected and witnessed who knows what during her first four years of life. Then she bounced around foster care for five years after that. We are her 12th placement. We’ll never know all she endured before us. She doesn’t understand why she’s triggered sometimes.  Stop and think about […]

15 Breakfast for Dinner Ideas for Busy Nights

I’ve always loved breakfast for dinner. Pancakes and bacon or even scrambled eggs and toast felt like such a fun treat when I was a kid. It was even more special because my dad was usually the one cooking on these nights, which was extremely rare and meant he was in an even rarer good […]

#Spon Join Me! Help Light The Night For Kids with Cancer

This is a sponsored post, but the enthusiasm for this cause is my own. This fall,  let’s walk to the end of cancer by joining The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s (LLS) Light The Night Walk fundraising campaign, which brings together families and communities to honor blood cancer survivors, as well as those lost to the […]

Update: And we are now private school people.

Looks like we are now private school people.   Those of you who followed the saga on Facebook yesterday know the story.  Princess was supposed to do a full day trial/evaluation at the school Monday, but anxiety kept her from getting out of the car when we got there.  We rescheduled for Wednesday. I couldn’t […]

Help plan the future of Last Mom…

I need your help.  I’ve been blogging at/as Last Mom for nearly four years now.  It is my passion and I absolutely have the best readers. I’m not thrilled with the look of the blog any more.  I also don’t think the tagline, “The joys and challenges of older child adoption,” quite fits.  I think […]

Anxiety disorder is a medical condition, not behavior problem

 I had another social media hissy fit on on my personal Facebook page yesterday.  It got back to me that someone has been insinuating Princess is a “bad kid” because of the school issues and that I “shouldn’t have to deal with her acting up.” It got to me.  Big time. And for several reasons, […]

“I bet Johnny Depp is great at Candy Crush”

Hubster and I watched “Transcendence” with Johnny Depp over the weekend.  This was a movie Princess and BFF asked him to take them to long ago when they saw the preview.  Fortunately, they forgot.  They wouldn’t have understood it and would have asked him questions through the whole movie. Hubster liked the movie.  I did […]

The first day of school…and the last

‘Twas the night before the first day of school and all through the house not a creature was stirring…. except for four cats, a very anxious 13-year-old and her stressed out momma. So basically everyone was stirring except Hubster. I slept in Princess’s room.  I remembered being awake and anxious most of the night the […]

Letter to teachers regarding child with emotional special needs

This is the letter to teachers I sent out this year.  I’ve emailed each of Princess’s teachers before the start of school every year she’s been with us (this is our 5th first day of school!) to give them a little background.  Several teachers have said it’s very helpful and it makes me feel way […]