Self care: Sometimes Mom needs to put on a cocktail dress

The last six months or so has been HARD.  Having Princess home all day brings on as much stress as it removes.  I’ve been so wrapped up in her, I’ve totally forgotten what self care even looks like. That needs to change.  I don’t have the energy or head space to be the mom she […]

Cat flipping the bird…

Doesn’t it totally look like he’s flipping the bird?  Bad Milo!

Easter basket for a teen

This was my first year putting together an Easter basket for a teen.  What a difference a year makes! Princess was clear last year that 12 was most definitely NOT too old for an Easter egg hunt.  That changed this year.  She’s now too old to hunt or even color eggs. Luckily for her, the […]

Giggling girls, a Cobra and a Fraudulent contract

Here’s the story of a cobra, two giggling girls and a fraudulent contract. Princess’s home bound teacher asked her to draw a cobra after they read Riki Tikkii Tavi.  She printed two versions off the Internet and traced them.  She discarded this key because she couldn’t decide how to color his scales.   The teacher […]

Attack of the killer tomatoes? No, dangerous hot peppers!

We learned something this week:  hot peppers can be very dangerous! There’s a huge produce market about 45 minutes from our house.  It’s totally worth the drive, though we don’t go often.  Princess and BFF usually accompany me.  They like to find something new to try.  Last time it was guava and fresh coconut.  (They […]

Would I recommend foster care?

Someone I know has asked me for advice on getting the foster care process started.  I made myself pause and consider, “Would I recommend foster care?” Parenting trauma is TOUGH!  It’s good to check in with yourself once in a while to see how you’re feeling before you start spewing advice. This is a single […]

Managing home school – tired, busy bees

So I haven’t blogged since last Wednesday.  I think that’s a record for me.  Managing home school is exhausting. Change is hard for Princess, so there was a lot of pushing and pulling her along to dive into her online work last week.  Virtual school is a LOT of work and it’s challenging.  I know […]

Last Mom got her relaxation on. Again.

My sister gave me two vouchers for day passes at a pricey resort about an hour away.  We used the second one Saturday.   Yup, we went two weekends in a row.  The level of relxation was that good.  If it wasn’t out of the budget (way out), we’d probably go every weekend. We took […]

Make your child’s dreams happen at The Pop Shop performing arts camp #spon

This is a sponsored post.  I’m posting this in exchange for a free photo shoot for Princess.  She’s very interested in acting, but her nerves get in the way.  I’ll be checking out this performing arts camp for her.  One of her goals for therapy is to learn ways to boost her confidence and reduce […]

Free online Mom Conference going on THIS WEEK!

  These are affiliate links, but I have signed up for the conference myself and look forward to checking it out. The Mom Conference is going to be more fun than shopping in PJs and fuzzy slippers, and more educational than having brunch with Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil and Dr. Spock! And, better yet, it’s […]