Shocker: I actually liked Ted 2

ted 2

I saw “Ted 2” yesterday.  I didn’t want to see it.  It was kind of an emergency situation.  I needed some forced “me time” out of the house.  I had a shutdown teenager and I was loosing my mind.  Getting out of the house was necessity. But it is sweltering hot.  Like 3,000 degrees in […]

Lonely Moms Club: Let’s build a clubhouse


Anyone else in the lonely moms club?  Can we build a clubhouse or something?  Somewhere with fruity drinks, sparkling beverages, yummy sandwiches, fresh fruit and delicious baked goods.  It should have lots of comfy seating – maybe even some beds – and a patio with a good breeze and hammocks.  And, of course, people to […]

Princess Obsession: Gel Nail Polish Review

sally hansen gel

Princess loves painting her nails.  Nail polish is one of her favorite treats.  She paints her nails nearly every day in a rainbow of colors.  Sometimes she does elaborate freestyle designs. She often paints my nails and even Hubster’s sometimes. She has a new favorite product and since a few of you asked for a review […]