Why I think Mary Lambert spied on me to write “Secrets”

Princess and I pulled into a parking lot several weeks ago and couldn’t get out of the car because we were so sucked into a song that had just come on the radio.  I later learned it was called “Secrets” by Mary Lambert.  I’d never felt such an instant connection to a song before. When […]

Free Halloween Printables! Cupcake Toppers

I’m republishing some Halloween printables and recipes this week.  This was originally published 10/24/13. Get your free Halloween printables right here!  I have several coming out you over the next few days. What do you think of when you hear Halloween?  Ghosts, witches, bats, black cats, pumpkins… Or better yet…. Jack-o-lanterns! Here are some adorable […]

Reflections on trauma, hitting, mental illness, etc.

Here’s what I want you to know regarding my post from last week:   I don’t write every detail of my family’s life.  It is not a camera into every minute of my day.  I understand that makes it difficult for you to see the whole picture sometimes, but I hope you’ll know there’s more […]

‘The Best of Me’: I’m immune to crying, Nicholas Sparks

Another film based on a Nicolas Sparks novel.  Princess loves romances, so she’s been anxiously awaiting “The Best of Me” since we first saw the preview.  I’ve read quite a few of Mr. Tearjearker’s novels and have seen most of the film adaptations of his work.  I knew what to expect going into it. Two […]

Blogging break time

I’m taking a blogging break.    Monday morning’s incident was actually a big turning point for both Princess and I (and Hubster, too, by association) and we’ve has a very positive week.  Sharing so much about my family is emotionally taxing sometimes, especially when my intentions  somehow end up extremely misunderstood. Having your family, your […]

Fear based parenting and calling the police on your child

I never thought I’d be someone who resorted to calling the police on your child because they were misbehaving.  But then this last two months happened. Like many foster kids, our girl came to us at 9 years old afraid of the police.  A year after she was with us, I called 911 hoping for medical […]

The time I was on the bathroom floor with an anxiety attack

I had a big, honking anxiety attack last Thursday.  The day hadn’t even been that bad.  I’d gotten stressed that morning because Princess refused to go to her horse lessons (she didn’t like how she looked or felt in her jeans), but we’d talked through that many hours ago.  Then Princess didn’t acknowledge Hubster (or […]

‘My Mom Sucks’ – My sweet daughter’s writing

Writing is one of the tools we’ve talked about as an option for Princess to help her calm herself and process her feelings.  She was still really wonky after being released from the hospital.  She felt betrayed by me and like she couldn’t trust me.  (She still does.)  She got upset in the car and […]

NET Therapy: I don’t understand it, but I like it.

First off, Hubster is loving the comments on his guest post.  Thank you for supporting and encouraging him.  He really is an amazing husband, father and person. I mentioned I stole Princess’s therapy appointment and the therapist “diagnosed” me with an overflowing grief well.  I wanted to share a bit more about my first therapy […]

Guest post: Last Dad talks depression and rejection

This is Last Dad. It has been awhile since I have written anything on here, and to be quite honest things have not been so great. I know all of you have read about what has been going on in our world. The thing is our world is not such a happy place right now. […]