Spaghetti with butter & Parmesan a.k.a. Fred-sketti

My #1 comfort food is spaghetti with butter and Parmesan a.k.a. Fred-sketti. I started going to church with a friend when I was 11. It was one of the best things that ever happened to me because I met Fred and Cindy. They were a couple without  children together.  Fred was ten years older than […]

Guest post: Adoption, divorce and dating

This is a guest post from my friend Christie who blogs at Quackenbaby.   Today I want to talk about adoption, divorce, and dating.  In 2010 life was great, my then husband and I had a home, great jobs, and I felt like children was the next natural progression for our relationship.  At the time […]

Guest post: Looking for the reasons behind behavior

This is a guest post from Peskie  who blogs at Still Dreaming.   Many days I find that I just don’t understand my child’s reactions and actions to things and chalk it up to being weird, but later it’ll make sense.  Finding the need behind the behavior is generally very important.  Sometimes it’s just a […]

Guest post: Anecdotes of an Adoptive Mom

This is a guest post from Kelli Denman.  Kelli is one of the wonderful ladies I know from the Orlando BeTA retreat.  There are still spots available for 2015.  Come join us!  Anecdotes of an Adoptive Mom… After being home for 3 months, our newly adopted 5 year old Ethiopian son still hadn’t spoken one […]

Throwback Thursday: 1980s Crushed Velvet Sisters

  Here’s some throwback Thursday.   My mom loved dressing my little and sister and I in identical outfits, even though I’m nearly three years older. Here we are on Christmas in 1981. I’m almost four and my sister had just turned one. We’re both wearing crushed red velvet dresses and white tights. My little […]

Is the Frozen Package at Walt Disney World worth the cost?

This is a guest post from a travel agency specializing in Orlando theme park vacations.  Stay tuned for info on Diagon Alley next week! Just about every household with kids has echoed with the strains of “Let It Go” ever since “Frozen” came out last year. Now that Anna and Elsa are at Disney’s Hollywood Studios […]

Sibling rivalry in best friends = jealous beastie

Princess and BFF may not be biological sisters or even live in the same house, but the sibling rivalry is there.  They fight multiple times every time they are together – usually about the stupidest stuff.  They know how to press the others buttons and do it on purpose just to get a rise. They […]

Midnight McDonald’s run

Princess and I are gearing up to head to California for the BlogHer conference. (Let me know if you’ll be there!)  McDonald’s is sponsoring the closing party, which is hosted by Rev Run of Run DMC.  We haven’t been to McDonald’s in a long time, but seeing the logo on the conference page reminded me […]

‘Have you ever French kissed anyone?’

Hubster went with me to check out the girls surfing on their last day of surf camp.  (Unfortunately, the tide was way too low for them to get any action.)  The four of us went to lunch after.  I don’t know how we got there, but BFF asked me, “Have you ever French kissed anyone?” […]

Back to school physicals and vaccinations with CVS #MinuteClinic #spon

This is a sponsored post, but the thoughts are completely my own. School starts exactly one month from today in our town.  Am I excited about it?  No.  I absolutely ate the heat of Florida summers, but I love ease of those two months and change of no school.  It always passes by way too […]