Teen Photography Gallery

teen photography

Princess has started online classes and is really excelling at it.   She’s taking core classes and two electives – photography and high school level Spanish.  Her teacher submitted one of her photos to a teen photography gallery this week.  She’s the only middle schooler included. We got her an SLR camera and I’ve already […]

Worrying about being a good mom

good mom

When Princess was struggling so much last year, I wondered if everything I’d been doing was wrong.  I was afraid I’d totally screwed my kid up.  More than one of you wonderful readers told me worrying about being a good mom is proof that I am one, that bad moms don’t think to ponder it. […]

Guest post: Rehabilitation Facilities Treat the Whole Patient

This is a sponsored quest post. Drug and alcohol rehabilitation is an extremely serious matter that presents any number of difficult challenges. One of the hidden challenges of undergoing addiction recovery deals with gender specific concerns. The best womens drug rehab Fort Lauderdale has to offer use a combination of treatment methods, customize treatment plans, […]

High School Application Essay


Princess’s charter high school application packet needs to include a one page (double spaced) essay about why she wants to attend there.  I left this totally up to her.  Here’s what her high school application essay: Why I Want to Go To X Charter High School By Princess I have quite a lot of reasons why I […]

Guest Post: Hubster’s update on the father daughter relationship


  I would have to say that the relationship I share with Princess has been better than ever. The Leave Her Alone tactic worked great. I gave her the space she needed when she needed it most, and she appreciated it. It was as simple as that. We also continue to use the NO Bullshit […]

Good & Honest Parenting Shortcuts and Confessions


Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Mott’s via Mode Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Mott’s. I’m the queen of parenting shortcuts. I once wrapped a slice of bologna around a hunk of cantaloupe, skewered it on a stick and handed it […]

Teenage Easter Basket

teenage Easter basket

Presenting this year’s teenage Easter basket:   The first few Easters Princess was with us were basically Christmas all over again.  I went so crazy overboard, which of course, led to making the stress of a holiday even more difficult to handle. She was really struggling last year – her anxiety was massive.  She said […]