Bad cat! Bad Milo ran away

bad cat

  Milo had a big day yesterday. He’s such a bad cat. But I love him. He snuck out Monday evening around six when I was leaving the house and didn’t come back. He was gone all night and all day. He’s been a naughty boy from the start.  We got him when he was […]

Mom bloggers: Where’s the privacy line?

mom bloggers

I’ve been blogging here as Last Mom for four years now.  Nearly every day for four years.  That’s a lot of posts. That’s a lot of sharing of info – most of it about my family….about my child in particular. I’m sure most mom bloggers ask themselves, “Is this okay?  Am I crossing boundaries or […]

Hurray for Auntie Time


Princess has been spending time with my sister weekly for the last month or so. I think they’re both really enjoying strengthening their relationship.  My sister recently ended a 6 (ish)-year relationship, which – while I know has been hard – has been very good for her.  She’s blossoming and finding herself again. Her ex […]

Princess got a haircut!!!


Princess’s very thick hair was down to her waist.  It was getting a bit much for her to keep up with, so she asked for a haircut. Before haircut:   During: After: I LOVE it!  It’s still long, but is lighter and sassier.  It fits her. She’s still getting used to it, but likes it […]

Supporting other parents shouldn’t come at the cost of kids

take it back

Supporting other parents is great.  In fact, I think it’s absolutely necessary.  I was totally drowning before I found a couple adoption blogs, which led to more and eventually a huge community of moms I interact with on a daily basis through Facebook. But that “You are not alone” and “We’ve got your back” state […]