Pink Unicorn Love

pink unicorn

BFF has long passed the point of being on her best behavior when she’s with me.  We’re family.  I get almost as much of her teenage attitude and moodiness as her mom.  And sometimes I’m thrilled when I get to send her home. We were at Disney World over night back in November.  She was nonstop […]

Last Mom Cooks Cauliflower Risotto


I made cauliflower risotto last week.  I saw a contestant named Luca make a version of this on last season’s “Next Food Network Star” and loved the idea.  This was actually my second time making it.  I did it over the summer, using turkey kielbasa.  This time I went with lean ground beef. It doesn’t […]

Teen room makeover (again)!

teen room makeover

We’ve been through several tween and teen room makeover projects.  Once or twice a year, Princess decides things aren’t working for her and she does a big purge and furniture rearrangement.  Sometimes she does it on her own, other times she asks for help. The first “BIG” makeover was a couple years after she came to us. […]

Homeschool Science: Turning White Roses Blue

blue rose

Princess is starting to get back her curiosity.  She did her own homeschool science project the other day.  We bought a bouquet of white roses at the grocery store.  A few days later I noticed her in the kitchen fiddling with one.  I let her do her thing. She later explained to me that she […]

Finding parenting support through “Mom Camp” despite separation anxiety


I found my way into the trauma and attachment community about six months after Princess came to us.  I was completely overwhelmed as a first time parent to a nine-year-old who was clearly (and understandably) carrying around some big baggage.  I started looking for parenting support and Google led me to blogs of other adoptive […]

Measuring emotional healing in piles of cupcakes


Measuring emotional healing is tricky.  It’s not like a scraped knee where you see the healing take place as the new skin grows over the injury or an infection in which blood tests show improvement. Emotional healing is also so much trickier to find the right treatment course.  Sometimes therapy helps, but not always.  Sometimes […]

I do the best blogging before bed….in my head

indoor rock climbing

I’ve been busy with a new writing client, some exhausting drama going on with people I care about outside our home (multiple groups) and trying to purge the house of some of the clutter.  I’ve been doing some of the best blogging ever, though. You just haven’t seen it.  You see, I compose really incredible […]

Sick Soup: Super Easy Chicken Pozole Recipe


Whenever Princess isn’t feeling well, she asks me to make her my chicken pozole.  She calls it “sick soup.” It’s extra special to Princess because the grandmother at one of her foster homes in Texas used to make pozole all the time and it was her favorite.  I’d never heard of it and Princess didn’t […]