How to Save and Invest with ABLE United #spon

Money Saving Tips5

This is a sponsored (paid) post for ABLE United through Bloggin’ Mamas, but I am a big fan of this program and encourage you to check it out. Financial decisions impact our everyday lives – everything from putting gas in our car to what we put in and on our bodies relies requires money.  Financial literacy […]

Webinar on savings for people with disabilities

ABLE UNITED WEBINAR: How to save money for people with disabilities

This is a sponsored post for ABLE United. Saving money is hard, right?  It’s even more difficult for those with disabilities.  You’ve seen me promote ABLE United before.  They help with savings and there’s a webinar coming up to teach you more. According to a survey conducted by America Saves, only 40 percent of households […]

Carnvival Cruise: Half Moon Cay Tips

Carnival CruiseHALF MOON CAYTips & Tracks

I have to tell you about my favorite part of our Carnival cruise:  the day at Half Moon Cay.  This is a private island only used by the cruise lines.  The ship docks off the shore and you board a smaller boat to go to the island. It’s beautiful.  No shops or restaurants.  No hustle […]

Summer Bucket List With a Teenager

Summer bucket list

I hate the Florida heat, despite living here my whole life.  But I love summer!!!  Princess has had the whole month of June off.  She goes back mid-August.  Still lots of time to work on our summer bucket list. Here’s my summer bucket list: I love the simplicity of summer. No getting up early and […]

Return of the Mom Blogger? Updates on our world

why i quit mom blogging and am i back?

Wow!  It’s been over six months since I wrote about our family here.  Time flies. So why did I drop out of the mommy blog scene? I posted “Is it time to quit blogging?” in January.  My Princess is 16 now.  Sharing her stories doesn’t feel right anymore. They just aren’t mine to tell.  They probably […]

ABLE United Summer Sweepstakes #spon

able united

This is a sponsored post on behalf of ABLE United through Bloggin Mamas, but all thoughts are my own.   Are you a Floridian with disabilities?  Or someone who loves a Floridian with disabilities? Then you need to know about ABLE United! For individuals with disabilities, the fear of losing benefits or costs of setting […]

Learn more about Able United


Floridians who have or love someone with a disability you need to know about ABLE United.  This program helps ease financial worries for people with a variety of different disabilities. My daughter has severe anxiety disorder.  She’s had long patches where just leaving her room to come to the dinner table or living room couch […]