Grumpy Cat Birthday Party

grumpy cat

Princess recently threw Hubster a Grumpy Cat birthday party.  All by  herself.  She got the idea on her own and put it together herself (with a little assistance on delegated tasks). Those of you have been following the blog understand what a huge deal this is.  Princess’s relationship with her dad has really been tested this […]

Murder at the gingerbread house

gingerbread murder

Hubster and Princess make a gingerbread house together every year. The tradition started the very first year she was with us. They actually attempted to bake their own roof and walls from refrigerated, ready-to-bake gingerbread dough that year. No matter how perfectly they shaped the dough into squares or triangles, they just weren’t strong enough […]

Making sweet memories in the kitchen with holiday cookies


Check out A Baker's Dozen of Holiday Cookies and Bars by Last Mom at ‘Tis the season to make sweet memories in the kitchen with holiday cookies!  My mom loves to bake.  She was in the kitchen making goodies to give to neighbors, teachers, family members, c0-workers and friends from Thanksgiving to Christmas when […]

Things to do on Tybee Island with a teen

tybee island

Vacationing with a teen is sometimes frustrating….when that teen has massive anxiety issues it gets even more challenging sometimes.  I’ve taken Princess places and getting her to close her laptop or put down her phone has left us both in a bad mood.  With her, it’s usually because she’s overwhelmed by the city I’m pushing […]

Free holiday printable: Good deeds for Elf on the Shelf

elf on shelf

(This was originally posted last December.) So once again, my Facebook feed is filled photos of naughty Elf on the Shelf dolls getting into trouble.  We don’t participate in that here, but I want to offer you a free holiday printable:  a calendar filled with suggestions of NICE things the elf can do every day […]

Memories…loving the little moments


I saw a teenage boy and girl lounging on the grass at Epcot. I don’t know if they were boyfriend/girlfriend, siblings, cousins or friends, but they clearly had a bond. The girl picked a handful of grass and blew it at the boy. He smiled at her. They were so relaxed and enjoying a rest […]

Princess, the Mother’s Helper


Princess got a little job!  Well, sort of.  (She isn’t getting paid for it.)  She’s being a “mother’s helper” for the family two houses down. I first approached the neighbor with the idea almost two months ago as a way to get Princess out of the house and expand her social comfort zone.  This is […]