Summer hydration secret: BODYARMOR sports drink

BODYARMOR sports drink - great taste without the sugar and artificial junk!

I have a new secret weapon for summer hydration: BODYARMOR sports drink. You’re trying to keep your kids hydrated while they’re playing outside. You don’t want to give them all the sugar and other junk in most sports drinks, but they’re turning their noses up at water. Sound familiar? Yeah, here, too. I know the […]

Mother Daughter Vacation Bliss at Tybee Island

Mother Daughter Vacation BLISS

  The summer bucket list is off to a swell start!  Princess and I are currently in the middle of a week long mother daughter vacation at Tybee Island, Georgia.  Princess is 15 with her learner’s permit and drove most of the six hours here Friday.  We spent the drive chatting. listening to huge variety […]

Summer Bucket List

Summer bucket list

Yesterday was Princess’s last day of school and I”ve got my summer bucket list ready!!!! This summer is going to be a wild ride – lots of travel plus I’m launching my LuLaRoe business.  All while keeping up with freelance writing because we’ll need food and electricity all summer. But…. I still want to make […]

Update: Adoption and biological family contact

Adoption and biological family contact

I asked what you guys want me to blog about today on Facebook.  The first response asked for an update on biological family contact.  Here we go!     It’s been almost a whole year since I discovered Princess’s biological mother had been watching us on Facebook for a long time. (Stupid Facebook and their […]

Blueberry Kefir DIY Frozen Yogurt Bars

Blueberry kefir frozen yogurt treast

Beat the heat this summer with these DIY frozen yogurt bars! The good people at Wyman’s of Maine invited me to try their frozen blueberries for free. I am so glad I took them up on that offer! Fresh blueberries seem to go bad so fast. I don’t like them when they start to get […]

30 best parenting books for adopted, foster and traumatized children

23 Best Parenting Books for Adoptive and Foster Parents

You’re looking for the best parenting books, right? We all want to be the best -especially at something as important as parenting! Children who come from hard places – orphanages, foster care, adoption situations, trauma of all sorts – require a special type of parenting. Trauma causes damage to the brain which impacts the way kids […]

When Facebook Memories are HARD

When Facebook memories are hard

I check out the Facebook Memories feature every day that it pops up on my phone.  (Sometimes I seem to miss it….or maybe I didn’t have memories that day, which seems unlikely since I’m a blabbermouth.) There have been some tough reminders lately. BFF Everywhere BFF is in my Facebook memories nearly every day.  I practically […]