Wow!  It’s been over six months since I wrote about our family here.  Time flies.

So why did I drop out of the mommy blog scene?

I posted “Is it time to quit blogging?” in January.  My Princess  Return of the Mom Blogger? Updates on our worldis 16 now.  Sharing her stories doesn’t feel right anymore. They just aren’t mine to tell.  They probably never were.

So many of her stories intertwine with her friends now and sharing those really doesn’t feel right.

Plus, I was honestly just tired.  Burnt out.  I blogged nearly daily for five years.  Being open and vulnerable wore me down.

Because some people are mean.

Flat mean.

I was shamed and bullied Return of the Mom Blogger? Updates on our world and judged and ridiculed pretty much daily.

Probably by some of you reading.

And it sucked.

And I got tired of it.

I wanted to protect my daughter’s privacy and doing that while being free to be myself on the Internet was also becoming tiresome.

So I mostly packed up shop here at Last Mom Return of the Mom Blogger? Updates on our world.

I archived thousands of posts.  It took me days.

Maybe they will be back.

Hopefully they will be back, at least in some form.

Even after a six month break, I’m still trying to figure out what to do here.

The return of the mom blogger?

Soooooo…..having just reiterated my reasons for quitting blogging…..why am I posting?

I miss you guys!  I miss this Last Mom community!  I miss hearing our family has helped or inspired you.

You’ve watched Princess grow so much – cheered and supported her from afar.  I want to give you a little update into what’s been happening with us.

I do post on the Last Mom Facebook page fairly frequently, so make sure you’re following over there.

Here’s some quick updates.  Let me know if there are other things you’re curious about.

UPDATE Return of the Mom Blogger? Updates on our world


Pets are all the same.  Four cats, one dog.  Milo moved outside permanently about a year ago, which is something he’d been trying for since he was a kitten.  We finally gave up chasing him around then neighborhood every time he dashed out the door and let him have his way.  Yeah, his love for peeing on EVERYTHING inside and attacking the other cats made that decision easier.  (Yes, he’d been to the vet.  He’s just a jerk.) He loves being an outdoor cat Return of the Mom Blogger? Updates on our world and gets lots of love and attention.  He chooses not to leave our yard and is our welcome committee whenever we return home from wherever we’ve been.  All the other animals are doing fine.


Hubster was falling apart with lots of health issues (physical and mental), so I talked him into quitting his very taxing job in January.  He’s spent some time healing and is now starting work figuring out what’s next.  Princess has loved having a stay at home dad Return of the Mom Blogger? Updates on our world.

(former) BFF and her mom:

Princess received an extremely long message from BFF after about nine months of silence.  It was heartfelt and heartbreaking. She wrote of missing Princess and our family and how hard it was for her to be expected to just forget we ever existed.  She apologized for actions that hurt Princess and said she desperately wanted her in her life.  I reached out to BFF’s mom and asked for a meeting mom to mom Return of the Mom Blogger? Updates on our world, without the girls.  She didn’t respond.  I actually tried to communicate with her a few times.  No response.  She allowed BFF to meet Princess at the mall for a few hours once about six month ago.  Princess had a good time and the girls have stayed in touch via social media, but it isn’t and can’t be the same.

Princess’s first family:

I’m still in contact with Princess’s first mom here and there.  Princess knows she can have communication if/when she’s ready.  We’re in pretty frequent contact with her oldest sister, who recently had a baby.  Princess loved shopping for her little nephew Return of the Mom Blogger? Updates on our world.  We know how to reached two other siblings as well.

LuLaRoe and freelance writing:

I backed off writing almost entirely to focus on building a LuLaRoe business for a year.  That was a mistake.  I’m now in the process of reversing it – closing down my LuLaRoe business and trying to rebuild my writing career.


I’ve been having a hard time.  I’m just feeling kind of lost, unfulfilled and unhappy in general.  So much of my identity is linked to Princess who is now growing up and needing me in different ways.  I’m not really sure who I am anymore.  I got lost along the way of parenting my amazing girl.  Plus, I had a failed business and Hubster in big transition this year, so I’m just kind of feeling unsure, unfocused and like I lost my footing.


This is the part I know you really want to read about!

Princess is amazing – but you already knew that!

School, friends, etc.

She’s sixteen and wrapped up 10th grade on the honor roll.  Actually, she was on the honor roll all year with almost all A’s.

She got her driver’s license Return of the Mom Blogger? Updates on our world and went on her first job interview (Rue 21).  She didn’t get the job, which is good because she’s keeping really busy with lots of volunteer work at the hospital and taking dual enrollment summer classes at the local college.

She has a small group of close friends.  She loves her school and hardly missed any days this past year.

Mental health

She had a pretty rough bout of depression Return of the Mom Blogger? Updates on our world the last few months of the school year.  It was hard and scary.  I didn’t see the light some days.

But she pulled through.

There were several medication adjustments with her psychiatrist.  We found a therapist she seems to click with.  The support staff at school did exactly what they’re there for – supported her.  And she had a couple of great friends she knew she could count on, in addition to mom and dad.

The boy

One of those friends is a boy.  They became pals in 9th grade.  They hung out a couple of times that school year.  The movies.  The county fair Return of the Mom Blogger? Updates on our world.   They Facetimed here and there.

Then they became closer friends in 10th grade.  He started hanging out at our house on winter break and has basically never left.  They became the best of friends.  She lets him really see her – all of it.  He’s seen her at her absolute weakest and absolute wonkiest.

She screams at him that she hates him and never wants to see him again.

He knows she’s afraid of losing his friendship and so she’s pushing him away in fear, so he hugs her and says, “See ya tomorrow, Bestie.”

I don’t know if Princess would have made it through her recent dark months without him.  That sounds dramatic, but it’s true.  He helped her be safe and talked her off the edge when I couldn’t.  He was an amazing support.  And to me, too.

Things have gotten complicated this summer.   They realized they are more than typical friends.  They aren’t sure what that means or what they want it to mean.  They are both terrified of losing each other and don’t want their friendship to be the victim of a nasty high school break up Return of the Mom Blogger? Updates on our world.

So they are in limbo.  Together.  But not.  Committed to each other, but not in the traditional boyfriend/girlfriend Return of the Mom Blogger? Updates on our world definition.  Or at least not with the words.

Cuz labels are scary and make things too real.

So it’s complicated and messy.

And, of course, I’m way too attached to this awesome kid who has been so good to my girl.

So I’m sure my heart will get broken, too.

But for now we stock the house with his favorite snacks and include him on most of our adventures.


Princess is smart, funny. loud, sassy, full of energy, caring and opinionated.  I hear people describe her as “magnetic.”  She loves Netflix, makeup, helping others, shopping, going to the beach and playing board games.  She took both boxing and archery classes, until needing to step back when depression made it too hard to be in those settings.  Hubster told people she was training to be an assassin Return of the Mom Blogger? Updates on our world.  She’s adored by her friends and our house usually has at least one bonus teenager around.

Am I back?

SO am I back to blogging here at Last Mom?  I’d like to.  I’m just still trying to figure out what that would look like.  What it would mean for Princess and our family.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. I love your posts because you are so honest!! My adopted daughter is 16. I have an adopted 12 year old son too. They were both adopted as older children. My daughter struggles to find a friend. Please ask Princess, how can we make this happen? She struggles to connect! Thanks!

    1. I will ask her for tips!!! She has a small group of good friends. Unfortunately, she’s quick to shut down if they hurt her instead of trying to work it out sometimes.

  2. Please be back! This blog was NEVER just about Princess – it was always the story about what it meant for you to be her mom. You’re the star of this narrative, she’s just the supporting character. She’s a great one, but this blog is your voice, your thoughts, your emotions, your actions/reactions. Maybe continuing to write your story will help you rediscover yourself.

  3. I love your posts and your insight. You have a lot to offer as a mom who’s gone through adoption and the struggles and triumphs it has presented. A lot of us read your blog because we’re going through the adoptive process or have already and look to other moms for support. Please keep writing!

  4. YAY Great to see that you’re back. Sorry that you’re closing LLR. I’ve been broke and unable to shop. Are you willing, after you sell/send your inventory back, to share any reasons it didn’t work?

  5. I hope you are back, but please blog at your own speed and not just because you feel like you have to! Parenthood is hard, my girl is 25 and has been out on her own for 3 years now. And there are still times when she has to remind me that she is not 12 anymore and is in fact an adult (which means back off Mom!). But mostly we are close and get along well, but adjusting to an empty nest was hard. At least for the parents! Your daughter is obviously the center of your universe, which is the way it should be and I have always enjoyed reading your blog.

    1. I cried in my car for hours when she recently (very politely and respectfully) told me to back off. I was proud of her after I pulled it together, but OUCH!

  6. I enjoyed reading your blog and read most of your old posts to learn from your family. I now have two adopted teens, both home at 13. Life is HARD. I want to blog so that people can learn from us (probably more what NOT to do. lol). But I also struggle with feeling like my daughters’ stories are not mine to share. So I have no advice but want you to know that there are people out there who care!

  7. Oh no, LuLaRoe failed? I’m so sorry. I’ve heard it takes TONS of time and energy. But I’m so glad you’re focused on writing and potentially back! I’ve missed your family!

    1. You have to sell in such HUGE volume to make a fair income. When I did the numbers at tax time I was shocked by how little profit I made after nonstop hustle. I still have about 700 pieces to get rid of, so look out for sales!

  8. I have recently started blogging. I hae not made the big launch, and love your honesty. I just had a 2 year battle and my husband and I finally adopted our last daughter and child. The battle was such that this is what made me to start blogging , wold love to partner with you if and when you are ready.

  9. As someone going through the Foster Certification who plans to adopt an older child/children from Foster Care, I think my biggest want/need would be for you to collaborate with your daughter and give us the Mom view/Kid view on things. I know what I think as an adult, but I would love to also read the child’s point of view. I do this comparative learning currently with my stepson’s mother. She is both a biomom and stepmom and we compare notes on things to see where we can learn from each other. I would love to read feedback from your Princess, if she is willing to share.

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