I hate the Florida heat, despite living here my whole life.  But I love summer!!!  Princess has had the whole month of June off.  She goes back mid-August.  Still lots of time to work on our summer bucket list.

Here’s my summer bucket list:

How many days until summer vacatation  Summer Bucket List With a Teenager

I love the simplicity of summer. No getting up early and rushing through the morning to get to school. No going into Momma Bear mode when IEPs aren’t being followed. No homework.

Princess has always been so much calmer in the summer without all the stress, drama, chaos and conflict school usually brings.

Except…she cried when I picked her up on the last day of school this year! She loves her school and is in a really good place. She’s excited for our summer adventures, but will miss school.

Tybee Island isn’t happening this summer.  There are no camps this summer.  Instead there’s lots of volunteering and dual enrollment college classes.  The girlie’s 16th summer is going to fly by.

So I plan to:

  1. Read for fun.  Any book suggestions?   I have a big pile, but am always on the lookout for something new!  I loved  a YA book called Lilly and Dunkin Summer Bucket List With a Teenager by Donna Gephart about a boy with bipolar disorder and a transgender girl. It was so, so, so very good.  I hope to finally knock out several books I’ve had a while,  including The Weekenders Summer Bucket List With a Teenager by Mary Kay Andrews, The Last Star Summer Bucket List With a Teenager (the final book in the 5th Wave  Summer Bucket List With a Teenagertrilogy) and Biff Naked’s memoir, “I Bifficus Summer Bucket List With a Teenager.”
  2. Shop the Farmer’s Market.  Our town has a farmer’s market on the beach every Saturday morning.  Princess and I love to munch our way around it and bring home an armful of fresh veggies and seasonal fruit – especially peaches in the summer!
  3. Play in the water until wrinkled.  This will be the second summer with our new pool.  We’ve already spent many days floating.  We live 15 minutes from the beach.  There will be lots of water in our summer!
  4. Spend time under the stars.  My goal is for laughter and good conversation outside under the stars!   (Might combine with #3!)
  5. Bike to the ice cream shop.  That would normally be Sugar Shack while on Tybee Island.  We always rent bikes for our Tybee Time and leave the car at the rental.  It’s hard to bike at home.  It’s not the most bike friendly area.  But we do have bikes, so we might fill the tires and take them for some spins.

What’s on your summer bucket list?

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