Toe infection

Princess missed school Monday of last week and the Friday before because she had strep throat.  She’s missed a ton of school due to her respiratory issues (which have now been diagnosed as allergy induced asthma – cockroaches being the allergy.  And the things are EVERYWHERE in Florida.)

She already has such a difficult time separating from me and going to school.  Having BFF and her mom pick Princess up in the mornings has been a huge help with getting her to school without a meltdown.  But being sick adds to the struggle.  It’s like the first day of school all over again every time she goes back after a weekend, holiday or illness. 

The shooting in Connecticut also added to her anxiety, off course.

Then she woke up yesterday morning with her big toe swollen, red and painful to walk on.  I took her to the walk-in clinic.  Her toe is infected due to a ingrown toenail. 

They gave her antibiotics and pain medication and said she needs to see a podiatrist for the toenail.  After some digging yesterday, I discovered we have to go to her regular pediatrician first and get a referral.  Her regular pediatrician is very difficult to get appointments with, which is why we’re always at the walk-in clinic.  (It feels like we should put either that place or the Target pharmacy down as our home address.)

She’s still in a lot of pain today and just generally feeling anxious about school and “having her toe removed.”  I let her stay home this morning in hopes of getting her in to the pediatrician today so we can get this ball rolling.

I wish illness, injury and anxiety would allow her to get a few solid weeks of school in.   I think if she was able to get on a roll she’d have much more confidence.

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